Antifog Masterbatch

Antifog Masterbatch can be used for cold and hot packaging applications.

In food packaging films the droplets make the content less visible and may deteriorate the quality of the packaged food product. The product prevents on film surfaces at low and high temperature during storage. It helps extended product shelf-life.

In agriculture applications like greenhouses, fogging will affect the transmittance of light, causes burns of the crops by lens effect of the droplets, and a continuous water drip. Polyolefins are very hydrophobic. Antifog Masterbatch is compatible with most polymers. It is food safe, human safe and ecologically safe. The product gives ability to run lamination and printing process as well without any limitation of adhesion force.

Antifog Masterbatch is used in packaging products like liners, containers, bags, cling films. The product increases the shelf and transit life of packaged fruits, vegetables, cut flowers and meat.

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