Anti Rodent Masterbatch

Anti Rodent Masterbatch is used to dissuade rodents, but not kill them. This product is based on a formulation of various non-toxic repellent chemicals. It contains a combination of highly bitter and odoriferous compounds, whose smell is highly unliked by rodents. So rodents would not attack plastics added with Anti Rodent Masterbatch.

It is human safe and also ecological safe. This product has long-lasting effectiveness due to controlled release of active ingredients hence increased life of finished product. It can be also good disperced in final product.

Typical applications are cables (domestic cables, industial cables, automative cables, power cables), wire, ducts, warning tapes, other auto components, geo membranes, technical textiles, which are used for protecting food grains, tarpaulins, plastics doors, furniture, garbage bags etc.

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