Biopolymers& Biodegrable Additives

IDEAL offers a wige Biopolymers (bi obased plastics and compostable plastics). Applica tions: Shopping Bags, Garbage Bags, Courier Bags, Food Waste Bags, Food Trays, Drink Bottles, Cups, Cutleries, Straws, Loose Fills, Bubble Packs, Stretch Films, Shrink Films, Cosmetics, Seedling Bags, Flower Pots and Agricultural Films.

Also IDEAL offers Biodegrable Additives, which can be used in PE, PPS, PS, PET, BOPP, APET etc. at a very low dosage. Applications: PE and PP Food and Non-Food Bags, Water and Bewerage Bottles, PE, PP, PS, BOPP & PET Food Packaging and sup plies and merchandise packaging like Bubble Films and Polyfoams.

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Biopolymers& Biodegrable Additives
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