Tailor-made and high

performance products


Plastic materials make a significant contribution to meeting ecological and economic requirements in the automotive industry by reducing vehicle weight and hence fuel consumption.
Utilizing our innovative chemical know-how and technological strength, we offer tailor-made high-performance products

Packaging can be a unique

differentiator on the market


We offer a bespoke design service able to produce a full range of colour and special effects including pearlescent, multi-colour angle effects, edge-glow, luminescent, phosphorescent, fluorescent.
Our well equipped analytical and colour laboratories allow us to quickly develop formulations during the conceptual phase of a project.

Solutions for textile

and non-woven industries


IDEAL offers color masterbatches specially formulated to meet the most demanding requirements. Customers depend on our time-tested capabilities in fiber-related technology.
In addition, we have worked with leading fiber producers to develop a broad range of specialty additive masterbatches to enhance processing and stability.



Whatever the specific requirements, IDEAL can provide a diversified product range in both solid and liquid form, in individual shades, including special effects or additives such as UV stabilizers.


For housewares, sporting goods, toys we offer specially formulated quality products with high loading of pigments gives excellent gloss and surface finish.


Additives and masterbatches of particular carrier which exactly meet your performance requirements related with your final product.


Our focus is to supply quality custom rotational molding services by manufacturing and designing products that meet our customers expectations.

İş makinalari

Antistatic Masterbatches with high concentration and resistance for electronic goods packaging, electrical applications or any special requirements from our customers.

Ev gereçleri

Colour solutions by IDEAL offers you perfect masterbatch preparations that cover an enormous spectrum of shades and meet stringent requirements of mechanical resistance, heat resistance and fastness to weathering.


We can help you create brilliant colorful solutions for carpets and rugs, by delivering a wide range of color and additive for polyolefin, polyester and nylon fibers, even with extra functions, like UV resistance.


For more than 25 years, IDEAL’s masterbatches for fiber applications have set the standard for durable home textile colors. Customers benefit from a complete spectrum of masterbatch products for fiber applications.


Masterbatches with perfect dispersion, high performance and filtering features for raffia and fibers, manufactured on specialized lines in order to avoid fluctuations and contamination.